How to get out of a security system contract

Home Security System Contract

A security system can give your home peace of mind. However, when you try to get out of the contract, you may end up with a pounding headache!

When you sign the contract, it’s hard to get out of it, especially if you need to get out before the termination date. If you try to get out before the date, you may have to pay a lot, or have to deal with bad credit. 

It goes without saying that you should read the contract and be comfortable with being in it. If you are unsure of anything in the contract, you should ask the security company for clarification. 

With that, mistakes do happen, or there may be a valid reason for you to break contract. Here’s how to get out of a contract alive. 

See if Theres Anything in the Contract that Allows You to Break It 

As mentioned, you should be looking at your contract regardless. However, it’s worth reading it again if you’re trying to get out. There are some parts in the terms that may allow you to get out of the contract for free. 

Equipment malfunctions, outdated offers, failure to provide services, a trial period, the list goes on. One easy way out may be if you’re moving and the company doesn’t cover the area you’re moving to. 

Sometimes, the contract has easy ways to get out. However, others are more tight, and in this case, you may need to look at other options. 

Transfer It 

You may be allowed to transfer the contract should you no longer want it. For example, maybe there’s someone you know who wants security, or you have new people moving into your home. 

If someone is looking for security, transferring the contract can save the person on equipment and installation costs and make the paperwork easier. See if you are be able to do that. 

See If You Can Switch Plans 

Some contracts are a year long. However, some security systems may allow you to switch the contract to a monthly basis. This may end up costing a little more, but the added convenience of cancelling at any time makes this alluring for some people. 

Switch The Provider 

There are times where you want security, but you don’t like the company you’re stuck in the contract with. Some rival companies are more than happy to work with the company to get you out of the contract and onto theirs. 

They may buy your contract out and help you draft the termination later. You may have to pay a fee, but it’s usually much better than the costs of breaking the contract. 

With that said, you do need to be careful when you switch companies. Read the contract over. See if the company has any added costs. For example, do you have to buy new equipment, or can you use your old equipment? Also, see if you can work with the new provider so they can give you a contract that’s fairer for all. 

The Termination Letter 

If you see the expiration date of the contract coming soon, there may be an automatic renewal. To prevent that, terminate your contract. You may be able to call, but mailing a letter is more secure, as everything is written down. 

When you write the letter, date it so the company knows you requested it before the renewal date. Write the expiration date on the letter, along with why you want the contract to end. Sign it as well. Provide as much information as possible, and the termination letter should help you get out of the contract. 

Make Sure Its Indeed Cancelled 

When you do cancel it, you need to double check. Some companies may still draw money from your bank account even though you’ve gotten the memo. One way you can make sure the security contract is cancelled is to ask for a letter or email of cancellation. 

You May Need a Lawyer 

Sometimes, there’s no way for you to cancel, or the company you’re working with is trying their hardest to keep you in. In a case like this, you may need legal action. 

There are cases where threatening legal action can scare the company into terminating. However, if they’re still giving you grief, you may want to talk with a law professional. No one likes having to do this, but sometimes you have to. 


We get that contracts are necessary, but they cause so much grief. Always read a contract before you sign anything. If it’s written in a vague or jargon-packed way, ask for elaboration. By being cautious, you can enter a contract that you may not want to exit any time soon. If you’re stuck in a contract, all we can say is good luck with your cancellation. 

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